E-District is a comprehensive and web-enabled service portal through which citizens can access various services provided by the Government. It provides end-to-end integrated solution to various services availed through this portal. By using E-District platform, you can avail various services of the Government at the click of the button. E-District also provides for online verification of various certificates issued by multiple Department

E-District also aims to link the databases of all the Government departments to provide online verification of documents submitted by citizens. The documents of the user will be permanently stored in this database and can be accessed by him in case he avails multiple services from the Government.

E-District envisions to reduce duplicity at every level in Government thereby improving operational efficiency of the entire system. Our ultimate objective is to maximize citizen comfort, enhance operational efficiency, improve quality standard & provide time bound and hassle free services to the citizens.

  "E-District: A step towards making Delhi a SMART CITY."  


VANI - Virtual Assistant of NIC